Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mi Governor Snyder

Please Mr. Governor, don't sign that drug bill regarding welfare recipients and drug use testing.  Just because someone thinks  'maybe, possibly, just to be sure, I have a feeling' a welfare recipient is using drugs, is not, to me, a good enough reason to call for testing.  Do you realize how many legitimate drugs and health conditions can cause a person to act differently, or not 'normal'?  Drug and diabetic  reactions etc. are not uncommon.  they happen all the time.  Who is to correctly say what that recipient is reacting to?  A wrong judgement (guess) could cost someone their life.  You want to be fair?  Then let's have all our elected Legislators tested on a weekly basis.  Sound unreasonable?  I don't think so.  And if some of the Legislatures test positive, what punishment would you use?  Don't give them money (salary)? Would putting them to the same 'test' be unreasonable?  If you think so, prove me wrong.  I'd be willing to bet money (to charity of course) I'd come out the winner..........................marge

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Detroit Lions

Whomever is in charge of the Detroit Lions needs help.  No.  I don't know all the ins and out of the game, but some things I do know, decent behavior and fair play among them.  There are repeated personal fouls by a few of the players and what appears to be disrespect for and not listening or obeying the referees.  When the referee motions a player to 'back off' then that is what he should do, not ignore the Ref.  Each game I watch, I have less and less respect for the team.  It's not how they play that matters but that with which they can get away....................marge

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sports and more sports

At my age, the type of sports in which I participate has changed.  I would say 'rocking' would be appropriate, but I gave the rocker up when the children weren't babies anymore.  I do a few 'push ups' but only to get out of my Lazy Boy.  I also do, (I think they're called 'squats') when I get down to check the lower shelves at the grocery store and have to push on the floor while pulling myself up at the same time, using anything upon which I can get a hold.  Occasionally, someone will come along, see me struggling, and assist me.  Bless em.  Perhaps this 'don't let a senior find anything at eye level' is intentional.  Keeping us active to live and shop longer seems to be a store's motto.  I know walking is healthy.  Meijer isn't too bad but that's my opinion, as is the opposite when it comes to Walmart.  I do wish they'd post maps.  By the time I find what I went for, I have to look for daylight to find my way to the checkout.  I'd say checkouts, but that's not always the case.  I must go rest now.  I'm pretty much worn out.  Til next time..................................marge

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I don't understand, and don't pretend to.

I'm not a psychologist, nor a scholar.  These are my gut reactions.  Did I seriously question the teenage shooting in Florida and disagree with the results?  I most certainly did.  As to Missouri,  having no other facts, I must at this point, agree with the Grand Jury decision.  My complaint?  The Media broadcasters, sometimes called 'newsmen'.  Therein lies my problem.  Reporters are supposed to be unbiased.  This is becoming much more difficult to believe.  They often start with, 'Unarmed teenage child'.  This person technically, as far as I understand, doesn't qualify as 'a child'.  As to being unarmed, no physical weapon yes, attitude, intention to harm makes me wonder if there's more than one kind of 'weapon'.  Now to the 'crowds', 'groups of people'. What do we call them when they appear to lose any logic or reasoning?  Soon they are  racing through the streets, in full defiance of anyone or anything.  I call them 'Mobs'. violent Mobs.  I can't describe them any other way.  They help no one and accomplish nothing.  They, whether they intend to or not, completely turn me off. Am I the only one?..................................marge

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Listen to Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.  We've all, most likely at a point in our lives, had a terrible injustice happen.  Some in error, some not, but prosecution didn't enter the picture.  We must reach our Legislators and get them to stop legislating laws based on their moral, immoral beliefs.  Its not their job!  Common sense laws are.  Does sexting hurt?  Of course it does and the pain/shame may not go away for years.  Sending our youth to jail for 20 years isn't the solution.  Ask those who were incarcerated 20 years for one marijuana cigarette in past times.  Ask why Prohibition was repealed.  Young lives will be forever damaged if being young and yes 'stupid' would become a felony.  It just isn't the viable solution everyone wants.  This 'lets send everyone to jail' doesn't work!  Please Legislators, don't compound the problem by turning unthinking younger people into long time convicted felons.  Let common sense prevail here.  Please..........................................marge

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tutor extraordinare

I need computer help.  Actually I need more than that but we'll start there.  Everyday I discover what I'm unable to do with/on my computer.  It isn't a question can it be done because the answer is yes but how can I not only learn, but remember what I learn?  That seems to be the problem, in part.  The other part, I don't keep track of what, at a precise moment, I couldn't do.  Then laziness steps in.  Writing notes is such a chore.  Reading what I wrote is even a bigger chore.  I don't have this problem with things that really interest me.  If conquering the computer were as easy as grinding chips out of a goblet, beveling and buffing it, I'd be home free.  Restoring chipped crystal is a breeze by comparison.  My hands take over.  No brain power needed and its much, much more fun...............................marge

Monday, November 3, 2014

God took a day off?

A young, terminally ill woman chose to end her life on earth yesterday.  It was a 'blurb' (or a bit more) on the news.  A so called 'adult' idiot, the same day, chose to do something that had no apparent earthly worthwhile meaning whatsoever and got world wide coverage.  He also chose to take God along for the ride.  Are 'news people' so desperate to keep their jobs they have to go along with this unbelievable 'stunt'?  And what about the TV  viewers and the cheering people below this brainless tightrope walker?  When will brave and courageous acts of human kindness get the same coverage?  Are we all so bored we must look to 'thrill seekers' to get our daily dose of whatever it is we need to feel alive?  If you're listening God, the rest of us need you, not the tightrope walkers of this world................................marge