Saturday, October 22, 2016


I am left with the impression that all those kneeling for our National Anthem are successful African American entertainers of television and sports.  Not one seems to be unknown or poor but successful in their fields, oh yes.  They appear to think that what they're doing is helpful to all the down trodden for which they kneel.  I see them doing nothing financial or time wise for their cause.  Its turning into a bunch of well knowns, whose accomplishment is to see who can gripe the loudest and longest.  Put your money and time where you mouth is or learn to stand with respect...................marge

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bucket list. Chapter one.

To start.  I don't expect total approval but just remember, I'm trying.  First and probably the most unapproved thing in my bucket, a few cartons of non harmful, healthy cigarettes.  Why you ask?  Because there were only a couple of years between thumb sucking and smoking.  The two ARE connected you know.  Secondly.  A couple dirty socks.  They really are necessary.  Sometimes we go to the Dr., not for a  checkup, but because we don't feel well.  To the person who escorts us to an examining room, the first 'cheerful' words out of 'her' mouth, with a smile are, "how are you?"  That's when I pull out the dirty sock.  If you need to know where I put it, just write to me.  Thirdly.  This brings me to bungee jumping.  Would I consider it?  Not on your life.  I just want to be there with a wonderful camera, simple enough for me to operate, and take a picture of their adventuresome stupidity.  Lastly, for now, lets talk about cottage cheese.  I do need more protein in my diet but.  One more day of putting boring white gloppy stuff into my mouth and I shall really throw a fit and the cottage cheese container.  I have an idea though.  Has anyone considered wonderfully flavored or colored cottage cheese?  How about 'chocolate' or 'red raspberry'?   Surely this is doable.   Until next time.......................marge

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Scientifically? Don't argue with me.

Can I prove it?  Um, maybe not but I am certain its well worth a try.  Many many years ago I remember, mostly women, falling, putting their arms out to catch themselves and ending up with a broken wrist, arm or dislocated shoulder and in a cast for many weeks.  I can't imagine going to the bathroom (wiping) or taking a simple shower with said cast on.  So here is my theory.  I've fallen a couple times and at least twice during different pregnancies.  I refused to put my arms out or try and catch myself before hitting the ground.  I just let myself 'crumble' as I went down and roll if I'm in motion.  Look scary to others? Yes!  But, perhaps more embarrassing to me, especially with all the hovering of those nearby.  But I tell you.  I was able to get up and be OK!  (The stubbed toe was minor).  Think about it.  It may save a trip to the Emergency Room...........................marge

Friday, September 30, 2016

Its ok to lie.

I recently got an email from a staunch Republican (are there any other kind?).  I asked him if he 'fact checked' the crazy accusations about Hillary.  He said it wasn't necessary. Oh yes.  Anything bad about Hillary must be the truth, right?  Or so it seems to any Republican.  So many unacceptable, improper stories about Trump have come out, not just recently but continually.  Do any Republicans believe them?  I strongly doubt it.  Do any of them check 'Trump facts', apparently not.  He can do no wrong or anything dishonest.  Are the Republicans drinking something in the water that the Democrats aren't?  These (as I previously thought) are not stupid, uneducated people.  So what happened and how do we wake them up and help them, soon?......................marge

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nobody left.

School officials in Detroit stole from the children.  Bank of America has apparently committed fraud against its customers and now this.  One CEO of the drug company that makes Epipens, takes home a monthly check for over one million dollars.  Yet, they had to raise the price of the drug because it was necessary.  Of course it was.  There's probably more than one CEO and if she gets a million monthly, they hope to also.  Back to the ol 'integrity'.  Where  oh where has it gone................marge

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Integrity. Do we have it anymore?

We have become or maybe were always this way, I don't know, but public fear and amoral business people are taking over our country.  First.  Protests are lawful but when they become violent, taunting, scary mobs of people, its gone too far.  I don't blame the protesters for their anger.  I don't blame the police for being extremely defensive.  We end up with death of innocent people and totally unnecessary destruction of property.  Secondly.  If we can't trust public school officials who steal thousands from out children and get a few year in jail as punishment and public trust bankers who steal millions from innocent people who invest in their company and the bankers get beyond belief bonuses, even when fired, whom I then wonder, can we trust?  If I went to thirdly, it would be the so called ministers of God who live in multi-million dollar homes by taking from the poor and keeping  it for themselves.  Is there any hope for us?...................marge