Thursday, February 26, 2015

Innocence of Children

Many many years ago, My then four year old looked up at a lady and asked, "are you a big fat lady?"  Another once laid on the cement at Wrigley's grocery store with her thumb in her mouth, causing an elderly lady to look at me with a scowl and give a few clucks of the tongue.  The last one I remember was my not quite as young one doing a good deed.  She set fire to a nest of ants she found in the attic.  (I had run to the corner grocery to quickly pick up something).  BUT... she took the nest (in a shoebox) outside to burn it.  Ya just don't know.....................marge

Monday, February 23, 2015

New automobiles

The radio said 65 % of adults are afraid of buying a new car.  I'm one of them.  All the electronic gizmos on the dashboard are enough to scare anyone over 60+.  My current car has a key to unlock the doors and turn on the ignition.  At this point in my life, that's all I need.  I don't need to know how cold or hot it is outside my car.  That's not why I got into the car.  I (although it might be nice) could survive without one of the 'GPS's.  I know where my grocery store is and how to get there on my own.  I can read the needle that tell me I need to get gas and I know in this cold weather, to keep the tank fuller and why.  I look at the tires as I prepare to drive.  If one were 'flat', I'd spot it right away.  Truly.   I know this may shock some, but I remember putting my arm out of the window to signal I was going to turn.  Before power steering, after a turn, one could let go of the wheel and whee! it would 'unturn' itself.  As for safety features, I'd be so busy trying to read the dashboard my eyes wouldn't be on the road.  That is NOT a safety feature!  Simpler has to be better.  Really.................................marge

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I love talking to 'strangers'.   Especially if they like to talk back.  You just have to hope the next person you say hi to is friendly.  Occasionally one isn't.  That's embarrassing.  Oops!  It seems people don't have time to drop in or call.  It's a busy world out there.  And at times, a lonely one.  I've just been reminded about  an older gentleman who possibly in the same clothes, day after day, comes  into the McDonalds near Pontiac Trail and Beck Rds.  He's known to many 'regulars' and chats with them.  The Managers don't seem to mind their 'regulars', including him, who hang out.  It's a warm gathering place in more ways than one.  This gentleman seems to bring out the best in the other 'regulars'.  He perhaps is just a little more needy but that's ok.  Good is happening there...........................marge

Friday, February 6, 2015

How important is truth?

Lying I assume can be for good or not so good.  I recently told a 'white lie'.  Within  a short time, the guilt was so overwhelming  I quickly corrected it as best I could.  Never again.  Its not worth the anguish!  To my purpose of this Blog.  Several years ago, Hillary Clinton spoke of running off of the  tarmac while ducking bullets.  When found to be not true, her reply was, "I misspoke".  Really?  That's it?  Now it seems, Brian Williams has done the same thing.  He has tried to explain and apologize for his lie.  Both have left me deeply disappointed in their trust and integrity.  Where do we go from here?  Image is everything.  Image is nothing..........................marge

Monday, February 2, 2015

U.S. and Canada border.

I see where our local weather stations in Michigan do include (on a small level), weather conditions in Ontario, Canada.  Beyond Ontario, I have grave doubts.  According to the map of Maine, blizzards stop at its northern border.  The weather becomes all clear.  This however, is not the case, having heard from my New Brunswick (Canada) cousins.  That darned blizzard snuck right across the border and they got 30 cms. (you'll have to look it up).  Hard to believe we in the States didn't even notice..........................marge

Monday, January 19, 2015

Right and wrong way to use it

Not all of us have enjoyed 'self confidence'.  It can be plentiful  or sadly rare.  Mine comes with how I use my hands to fix, improve or beautify different things.  That I believe, is where my brains are.  Now give a calculator to me and ask me to add 12 and 14 and I'd be in trouble.  But let's get to the real problem, that of those who perhaps unwittingly flaunt their areas of self confidence.  They seem to be experts just about anytime they open their mouths.  I probably could learn something from them (or not) but it does get boring listening.  Sadly, I believe they have no idea how they sound or even act.  Its just them being them.  I on the other hand (or both) :), can with great self confidence frequently be heard to say "I don't know" with no qualms or feelings of shame.  But when I don't have to say, "I don't know", oh what a high!  It does happen.  I remember just last month..............................marge