Thursday, February 4, 2016


I know.  I made up the word but it works for me.  As you all know, I'm older, aging and getting more frustrated with you younger ones daily!  I used to be able to go into a store, pick out what I wanted, pay cash for it and go home.  You've turned that into an impossible task, especially if its on sale and requires a 'coupon', dated of course.  Heaven forbid if I don't or can't shop on that particular time line.  So I go and pick out what I want.  I'm two dollars short of the required spending.  I go get two items to bring the price up to the coupon requirement.  "Sorry" says the cashier.  The coupon doesn't include under priced (sale) items.  Those get put back.  Daughter finds something she needs and it now makes the coupon 'valid'.  Yea! Success!  Easy? No.  Time consuming?  Yes and exhausting.  Guess I'll take my savings and go for coffee with my daughter.  Win some, lose some, the latter the higher ranking of course..........................................marge

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Mayor's responsibility?

I was pleased for Detroit when Mike Duggan  became Mayor.  I admit not knowing the scope of his duties.  Detroit has not had a good track record when it comes to past Mayors.  To allow the Detroit Public School System to be so dangerously deteriorated makes me wonder, just who is responsible?  The health and safety of all who must daily attend these building seems to be terribly low on the list of importance.  I'm so glad teachers, students and parents are now taking part in an active revolt.  All those exposed to long lasting poor health problems don't deserve what has been put upon them.  All this talk about health and well being of our country's citizens, except maybe (among other places) for Flint and Detroit leaves me totally puzzled.  It just seems like all talk.  Environmental quality for many is real  with many active participants.  There are people out there who really do care.  We need more, especially those in government.........................marge

Monday, January 25, 2016

Flint's leaded city water

I do NOT think the citizens of Flint are dumb by any means.  It's the City officials who send out water bills for leaded, poisonous water I have to wonder about.  Why would they even do that?  I concluded the honest residents who continue to pay do it out of fear of getting penalized.  How can the City continue to bill them?  Wouldn't they be the ones breaking the law?  Somewhere common sense got lost in the shuffle.  Folks, put the money aside as if to pay, but don't.  Don't let the City scare you into paying for undrinkable, extremely unhealthy water.  It should be shut off so no one gets it in their homes.  Fight for what is right.  You have a lot of backers.  The state and every citizen should fix the problem.  The cost is secondary to each and everyone of us.  Health comes first..................................marge

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Birmingham Mi Baldwin Library

Through a phone call, contacting City Hall or emailing, please let our City Commissioners know you support our local library.  Sometimes we forget or it doesn't seem too important.  A yes vote for the library funding from our Commissioners IS important.  The library is always seeking better ways to improve their Services to our and neighboring communities.  Don't let them down.  Don't let our city down.........................................marge

Thursday, January 21, 2016

forcing Detroit teachers

Children, over crowded glasses and seriously unsafe building aside.  How can the Emergency Detroit School Administrator live with himself, let alone insist on putting all these people in 'harms way'?  If this is legal, no wonder the Detroit System in going under.  Maybe it should and soon.  Who knows how many serious health issues can be prevented.  For some it may already be too late.  And  how, on earth, can it be legal,  going into a black mold build and falling ceiling tiles on a daily basis?  Let him go live there, especially overnight.  Is Detroit and Michigan telling citizens they have no right to protect their health.  Something is critically wrong here.  Where are all the attorneys for those being forced into untenable situations.  Do children and teachers count for nothing?.......................marge

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lead and mold

I admit to not understanding what is really happening in Detroit Public Schools and more importantly, who is responsible.  It appears there is one school (if not more) in particular that has ceilings and floors rotting and falling from unchecked water leaking everywhere.  Where is the emergency person appointed to oversee this disaster?  Where are those adults (including teachers and parents in the system who allow children, over a long period of time,to attend a building probably full of mold?  This didn't pop up overnight.  Do they not think this deserves as much attention as the leaded water in Flint, Mi?  Mayor, what is your responsibility in this horrific situation?  Michigan leaders seem to be in the F grade category when it comes to their ability to do their job in a critically urgent manner.  The children of Michigan need an advocate and NOW........................marge

Monday, January 18, 2016

Does no one care?

An apparent homeless man from the Novi Mi area died recently.  Does it matter to anyone?  He was a regular at the Beck, Pontiac Trail roads Mc Donald's.  I hope the following isn't true.  No one will claim his remains.  His friends from McD's  are probably not the richest and perhaps the same goes for family members I hear he had.  What does that say about all us 'good people'?  May he Rest in Peace....................................marge