Sunday, November 9, 2014


Listen to Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.  We've all, most likely at a point in our lives, had a terrible injustice happen.  Some in error, some not, but prosecution didn't enter the picture.  We must reach our Legislators and get them to stop legislating laws based on their moral, immoral beliefs.  Its not their job!  Common sense laws are.  Does sexting hurt?  Of course it does and the pain/shame may not go away for years.  Sending our youth to jail for 20 years isn't the solution.  Ask those who were incarcerated 20 years for one marijuana cigarette in past times.  Ask why Prohibition was repealed.  Young lives will be forever damaged if being young and yes 'stupid' would become a felony.  It just isn't the viable solution everyone wants.  This 'lets send everyone to jail' doesn't work!  Please Legislators, don't compound the problem by turning unthinking younger people into long time convicted felons.  Let common sense prevail here.  Please..........................................marge

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tutor extraordinare

I need computer help.  Actually I need more than that but we'll start there.  Everyday I discover what I'm unable to do with/on my computer.  It isn't a question can it be done because the answer is yes but how can I not only learn, but remember what I learn?  That seems to be the problem, in part.  The other part, I don't keep track of what, at a precise moment, I couldn't do.  Then laziness steps in.  Writing notes is such a chore.  Reading what I wrote is even a bigger chore.  I don't have this problem with things that really interest me.  If conquering the computer were as easy as grinding chips out of a goblet, beveling and buffing it, I'd be home free.  Restoring chipped crystal is a breeze by comparison.  My hands take over.  No brain power needed and its much, much more fun...............................marge

Monday, November 3, 2014

God took a day off?

A young, terminally ill woman chose to end her life on earth yesterday.  It was a 'blurb' (or a bit more) on the news.  A so called 'adult' idiot, the same day, chose to do something that had no apparent earthly worthwhile meaning whatsoever and got world wide coverage.  He also chose to take God along for the ride.  Are 'news people' so desperate to keep their jobs they have to go along with this unbelievable 'stunt'?  And what about the TV  viewers and the cheering people below this brainless tightrope walker?  When will brave and courageous acts of human kindness get the same coverage?  Are we all so bored we must look to 'thrill seekers' to get our daily dose of whatever it is we need to feel alive?  If you're listening God, the rest of us need you, not the tightrope walkers of this world................................marge

Sunday, November 2, 2014

25 cents. How can you lose?

Well.  We could count the ways, but not right now.  I've decided to sell pieces of my many years of wisdom (experience).  Perhaps wisdom and experience shouldn't be confused as interchangeable.  In my case, I would say definitely not.  It will hence be labeled, 'Advice'.  Giving it away for years and having anyone listen apparently is not on my 'List of accomplishments'.  That is not necessarily my fault.  It is and was always well intention-ed advice.  Demanding I be listened to (especially by my children) didn't always prove fruitful.  I think that's more their fault than mine, really, if you want to think about it.  So everyone (anyone) send those quarters in and ask away.  You will feel much better (and accepting) of my advice if you have to pay for it.  Free advice just doesn't have the same quality as that which has a price.  I shall do my utmost to see that you get your money's worth......................................marge

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What don't we get?

Our children weren't raised since infancy to hate those not like them and kill those who dare to think differently.  Why now are our young people behaving this way?  Is there some flaw in our child raising abilities?   Has the world and have young  people always been this susceptible?  Perhaps to a minute degree but not to the majority or there would be rioting and warfare all the time.  Can we do anything to change or stop this insanity?  Neither Dr.s, behavioral counselors, or even parents seem to be able to come up with any solutions.   How then can this crucial problem be solved?  We need answers.  Now..................................marge

Friday, October 17, 2014

My perfect car.

This will be complicated.  first, a little history.  My Chevy Tracker is over 14 year old, rusting through the door panels and has 88,000 miles on it, which, comparatively speaking, isn't a lot.  I can't remember what I didn't like about this car the first year or two, but now I want another similar one, with a few corrections or additions.  Its got to be kept simple.  I can do without a complicated dashboard.  I like manual door locks.  Enough with all the electronic stuff.  Some things I don't want.  Really don't want.   The mini SUV's rear end higher than the front, and the high up spare tire, both blocking  the view out of the back window.  I do want a wider rear view mirror and the seats level with my 'seat'.  I don't want to have to climb up to get in or pull myself up to get out of the car.  If you're 25, OK, but I'm not.  Let's stick to sliding in and out for aging, 'mini' sized people like me.  And the muscle tone isn't what it used to be either.   I know, I probably can get electronic seats and a lot of other stuff I'm not even aware that's already here and has been for years (my ignorance abounds) but simplicity is my goal.  This new car probably won't be taking trips to the Bay of Fundy like my Tracker and I did, oh wait, that wasn't my Tracker, that was my stick shift Yugo!!  I certainly won't drive the new one 103 MPH like I did my '57 Plymouth in the mid 50's on Geddes Road.  I have wised up quite a bit since then.  This new 'mini van' I MAY get one of these days, will be driven like a 'little old lady-only on Sundays'.  I know I will remember a lot more after I've posted this but I'll stop for now.  I've tired myself out with  all this brain strain................................marge

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Auto recalls

I just don't get it.  The more recalls per month for an auto company and their sales go up.  What is wrong with this equation?  What am I missing?  Why does defective parts equal more consumer buying of this product?.................................marge