Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nobody left.

School officials in Detroit stole from the children.  Bank of America has apparently committed fraud against its customers and now this.  One CEO of the drug company that makes Epipens, takes home a monthly check for over one million dollars.  Yet, they had to raise the price of the drug because it was necessary.  Of course it was.  There's probably more than one CEO and if she gets a million monthly, they hope to also.  Back to the ol 'integrity'.  Where  oh where has it gone................marge

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Integrity. Do we have it anymore?

We have become or maybe were always this way, I don't know, but public fear and amoral business people are taking over our country.  First.  Protests are lawful but when they become violent, taunting, scary mobs of people, its gone too far.  I don't blame the protesters for their anger.  I don't blame the police for being extremely defensive.  We end up with death of innocent people and totally unnecessary destruction of property.  Secondly.  If we can't trust public school officials who steal thousands from out children and get a few year in jail as punishment and public trust bankers who steal millions from innocent people who invest in their company and the bankers get beyond belief bonuses, even when fired, whom I then wonder, can we trust?  If I went to thirdly, it would be the so called ministers of God who live in multi-million dollar homes by taking from the poor and keeping  it for themselves.  Is there any hope for us?...................marge

Monday, September 5, 2016

Don't tell on us

If you see someone shopping in a store on a big holiday, know why.  It's not that we need something that we forgot to get yesterday, or can't wait until tomorrow, the reason is more important.  It may be the only chance we have to see a smiling face or speak to another human being on this day.....................................marge

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Abused, mistreated, ignored.

The Caregiver.  Not always by choice nor the choice to quit.  Where is their Sainthood Medal?  Mother Theresa chose her vocation.  Frequently not the case for 'Caregivers'.  For some Caregivers it's out of an income necessity, for survival.  For others, guilt by other family members who may, or may not do their share of helping.  These people deserve recognition and so much more.  And let's not  leave out the receivers of their care.  The 'patients' through no fault of their own, are put in this position by 'accidents', drawing of the short straw of life if you will.  They also deserve the best we can give to them.  Is all of this easy?  Most certainly not.  It may even become unbearable for both.  Pain, anger, frustration, helplessness belongs to all involved.  Givers and  receivers should be 'Sainthood' recipients.  Hope for the future.  Is this just a 'word' to smooth our consciences?  I 'HOPE' not, but it surely seems that way............................marge

Sunday, August 28, 2016

49er's Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has every right to make a protest but did he choose the right way?  He's seen and followed by many football viewers.  He has the opportunity to build bridges to make this a better country, but sadly, he chose the negative route.  Thumbing his nose at 'his' Country was not a good choice I feel.  He's young, well known and I hear, wealthy.  I am saddened by his choice.  Nobody should be killed on any street in this or any country.  Which brings me to the young and older men and women in the Armed Services who almost everyday are being killed in foreign streets, far away from home.  And whom are they doing this for?  All of us, including him.  Could he not stand and give honor to them for their selfless following of duty, risking their lives everyday for each and all who live in the free world?   There is honor and there is disrespect.  Choose thoughtfully and carefully Colin Kaepernick................................marge

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Great Lakes oil disaster!

I sadly can't give you the needed information but please know this is deadly serious.  If Enbridge is allowed to continue to keep oil pipes in our Great Lakes, then there is  pending disaster!  A leak or break, will do irreparable harm.  They must hear from you by August 28, 2016.  All letters or emails sent are required to be read.  If you reach this, and see 'sight name', type in Enbridge.  Time is short!..........marge

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brains don't count

I just figured it out.  If Trump gets the votes of the brainy, highly intelligent people, its not because they're brainy and highly intelligent,  Its because they totally lack COMMON SENSE!  Yes.  Common sense.  The common sensers will save our country from those 'brainers'. Hang in there 'common sense' people and be sure to get out and vote! You're our saviors in disguise! Onward and upward common sensers!...........................marge