Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tell me again NRA

I still don't understand your reasoning.   Its OK for ANYONE to walk around with a loaded weapon and shoot at their will, why?  Two young persons, not out to harm anyone but just to do their jobs, are dead and another non news worker seriously wounded because of this cowardly self centered excuse for a human being.   If it was a matter of honor and principle with the shooter, he/she wouldn't run and hide but apparently did.  Are you NRA putting notches of pride in your office headquarters?...................................marge

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My pleasurable, painless music

Most of you may not understand my tastes but you older ones will.  Right now I'm listening to Susan Boyle.  She falls into the Kate Smith, Dinah Shore category.  I'm sure I'm forgetting many.  As for the men, there's Andy Williams, Perry Como and again, many others.  I hear words, melody and soothing thoughts from their voices.  Volume isn't all that important.  Their delivery is.  So much of it brings happiness, joy and calmness.   Or simply, comfort and pleasure.  And I'm just adding Whitney Houston!...........................marge

Friday, August 14, 2015

What do or will they look like?

This is probably old news to many but I got to see it first hand.  An out of state family came to visit for the week.  If you're interested, I can readily describe the tops of their heads.  That's mostly what I saw while they were here, except of course when at a restaurant.  They are apparently, well on their way to the 'Chin on Chest Syndrome'.  Whether sitting upright or reclining in the Lazy Boy, they were in the syndrome position.  Again, for you who might not know, this position is a down the road, many years, causing upper back and neck deformity.  It is preventable but, you must have the courage, strength and long term determination to perform what is necessary to save them.  You must, not once, but many times, take away those small, rectangular things, I think they're call 'tablets'.  They have other names, but no matter.  You must not only take them away but hide them, at least occasionally.   This is where cleverness comes in, especially if teenagers are in possession of these little 'boxes'.  They can out think you in a second.  There is one other solution.  This may be harder.  Explaining (excuse me while I laugh) why this 'chin on chest in not healthy) and may need to be repeated many times.  Putting pictures of 'older' arthritic people on the refrigerator may help, or not, but no harm in trying.  When all else fails, but only occasionally, relax in your favorite chair and have a glass of weak wine....................................marge

Friday, August 7, 2015

No guarantees

I've checked the bathroom, the garden watering area, putting trash at the front curb and curling up in my favorite chair to quietly watch a favorite TV show, for hidden cameras.  This isn't enough.  I bought a special small leather bound note pad as a final resort.  I am keeping track of when I go to the above mentioned places.  The next step is to check my recording accuracy.  If these solutions don't work, I shall do what I hoped I wouldn't have to, call my relatives and friends and point blank ask them how they know.  Know what?  When I'm in or at these places, and then choose to call me at these precise moments.  Their timing is impeccable, or, maybe there's some latest detecting device of which I haven't heard.  Hmmm..........................marge

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another child shot to death

How many children's deaths must we tolerate before something is done?  If no one wants to blame the child who pulled the trigger, then there's another someone to blame, the so called 'adult' father who not only owned the gun but showed it to the 11 years old shooter.  People should not only be lawfully checked for mental illness before being allow to make such purchases but also be tested for 'parental stupidity'..............................marge

Ignorance? No. Selfish? Yes.

For those of you who don't read the Birmingham, Mi Patch.  It read as follows.  ' Meijer shoppers beware.'   Oh not of the store, but you (mostly women) who can't count to 12, especially when it comes to the 'self checkout for 12 items or less.'  You are so good at playing 'dumb' when challenged about your overflowing cart.  And no, speed doesn't count as an excuse.  I'd even give you one or two extra but not 10 or more.  Are you really that self centered?  Do you not care about the seniors behind you who struggle to unload even their 12 items?  If only Meijer employees were allowed to chastise you, but they're not.  Too bad.  You deserve it........................marge

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I just don't understand

Nothing makes sense.  Did it ever?  Wanton killings on both sides of the law?  Young people turning into totally selfish, me first, that's all that matters excuses for human beings?  Does it have to do with their upbringings?   Are we producing  narcissistic, sociopaths of all ages because of the environment?  Yes.  Its not just youth.  With all the psychologist, psychiatrist and educated counselors can't we come up with answers?  The world is becoming a most depressing place.  Sadness reigns.  Is somewhere out there hope?  Please.  Let there be......................marge