Thursday, September 21, 2017

I truly don't know if the world will survive.

Listen up everyone.  Two men, only two, have the ability to end the world.  Put them near the
RED Button and who knows what will happen.  Good mood, bad mood may determine our future.  Do we have the ability and soon, to prevent this from happening.  Pray if you want, but it didn't save President Kennedy from dying and he had millions of people praying for him.  I''m not sure I even believe in 'hope'.   Where does that leave us?................marge

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We sit and wait.

Many medical experts in the field of behavior have finally gone  public and spoken out against Trump.  These men and women have spend years studying and learning about the human mind. They've learned what makes it work and what happens when it doesn't in what we consider normal fashion.  They are risking their careers by going public.  Our Congressmen/women don't seem able to get the courage to do that.  We and the rest of the World sit in amazement at the inability of our own Country to stop this sick man.  Our Country wasn't founded on cowardice but the bravery of many Europeans who chose to come here and make more equality in all our lives, not I might add, to the inclusion of our Native Americans.  But that is another story.  I've written hundreds of letters as have so many other Americans.  Apparently we are not reaching the right people or anyone who has the power to change things.  You were elected to do a job that would benefit all of us.  I have so idea what you are waiting for.  Wouldn't you rather go down in history as brave souls,  not as a business person keeping your jobs secure?  Look deep into your hearts and souls.  Trump is incapable of doing that,  but  hopefully you are not.............................marge

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

4 a.m. Gripe session.

The fact that I have short hair, straighter than straw And I can't resist hacking at it has nothing to do with my complaints.   Honest.  A short while ago on one of the BIG news channels The camera caught the lovely lady quickly flicking her long, soft curled hair over her shoulder.  A majority of women newscasters have long wavy hair covering both front shoulders.  I don't know if they do it themselves or get it done  professionally just before going on the air.  I'm so busy looking at their perfectness hair and clothes wise, I miss half the news.  Now as to the Canadian female newscasters, more often than not, their hair is shorter, nicely combed and their outfits tell me they are ready to seriously broadcast the news.  No fashion show, they are their to do their job, and well they do. I greatly admire them.  If I can get out of this grumpy mood, I'll try, sooner or later but no promises, to do a more upbeat theme next time..............marge

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our First Lady. Fashion first.

It was so nice of our first couple to stop by Texas with words of encourage.  The 24 hour workers must have found it greatly gratifying.  Even if they haven't had sleep for several days.  They could rest while the first lady changed from her sky high heels to some tennis shoes.  For a moment there, I thought she was going to even do a little work.  Trump, with his age, did manage to wave a Texas flag and I'm sure, say a few words before heading back to D.C.  "tttthats all folks!................marge  P.S.  Is the first lady beautiful?  Absolutely yes.  Am I?.  I would be if I were prettier...............marge

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick appears to be raised by a good middle class family.  He was drafted from college for excelling in the game of football.  He was given a contract making him a Pro football player with a wonderful salary and the huge possibility for bigger and better things to come.  He was the American Dream come true and he did it at such a young age.  Oh how many young men dream of that.  But  one day, for reasons I do not understand, he decided to challenge the wonderfulness of the country that allowed him to have his dream, The United States of America.  All he seemed to feel was disrespect for the U.S.A. and our National Anthem.  He did this by not standing when it was played.  How did he think he made the parents, wives and families of our wounded and dead veterans feel.  Did he even think of those who came home missing one or more parts of their bodies?  I actually feel sorry for him and hope that one day, soon, he realizes the truth................marge

Friday, August 11, 2017

An American Fairy Tale, or Horrible nightmare

Alright.   I know that's not nice but we're dealing with two Megalomaniacs about to get into an Olympic dueling match.  Actually they've already started.  The North Korean whose name is not on the tip of my tongue and the American (cough cough) President whose name is but I choose not to say it. The North Koreans are frightened to death by a heartless dictator who has killed his close relatives.  We Americans and probably the rest of the Western World, are frightened because our 'leader' may get us all killed.  I can understand why the North (and South) Koreans are petrified, but us?  What is our excuse?  I think we once stood as a proud nation, but not anymore.  We are ridiculed if silently by our allies.  We have shamed ourselves beyond words and continue to do so.  Is there no one among us who anymore has any courage?  Has our own Congress failed us?  Our own once precious Republic?................................marge

Thursday, August 10, 2017

History will be over.

If Trump wants to go down in history and continues on his ravings, he's going to be terribly disappointed. There won't be anyone to record it. Ever.............................marge