Monday, January 8, 2018

Trump. I think President Lincoln might have erred.

Trump really is a genius, in one field.  He has to be the greatest manipulator in modern times.  He absolutely needs 24 hour attention and he know exactly how to get it.  He has it down to a science and don't think he doesn't!  He 'plays' us 24 -7.  Purposely setting us up so his name, for whatever reason is in the news with never a letup.  Go ahead.  Trying watching any National News and even CBC and tell me " I didn't hear his name once this hour!".  You'll see.................marge

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bruised ribs.

If anyone ever asks you what's the most sudden pain you've ever incurred, tell them the following.  An unexpected fall on the bathroom floor with no chance to brace yourself in a protective manner.  I'm sure they're are others but believe me this was and is no picnic.  It continues until the bruises heal and SOON I hope!...........marge     P.S.  If you unexpectedly drop to your knees, hope it's on a carpeted floor!......marge

Friday, December 8, 2017

Of all the people in the world

There are millions and millions of us who cannot fathom this man.  Some call him our President, but I don't.  He is unstable beyond words.  We all see that.  Maybe like a Bin laden?  The White House is full of poisoned people, and then you have McCain among others, one minute an honorable hero and next a mixed up veteran who goes back to supporting Trump.  Surely, someone, anyone can figure out the answer before its too late.  And when I say too late, I'm talking world wide destruction.  Every day my thoughts about Trump get darker and scarier.  I don't want to think this way.  For you that work in his cabinet and don't agree with him.  The time for silence is no more.  Let him go on and you won't have any career to think or worry about.  It even could result in your death but rest assured, you will go down as the American who saved the world.  Honor would be your middle name........................marge

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I chose my punishment

Many years ago when they were quite young, was the last time I saw my two beautiful grandchildren.  They are now in their 20's.  My crime?  As their parents divorced, I sided with my ex son in-law.  Yes.  My heart has been broken, but I'd do it again.  I would like them to hear 'my truth'.  I've passed into my eighties so they and I may never get the chance to have peace.  They are beautiful, always in my heart and I will never stop loving them.........................marge

Friday, November 17, 2017

The inability to know.

 It says a lot about our culture and the raising of boys for many generations. Males, looking at Fraternities, gives one the sense that they really don't understand the lines separating the sexes and the mixture of youth, immaturity and no adult guidance in the frats. Even the girls grew up thinking the boys shenanigans was just a normal part of boy girl relationships. No one told them that certain behavior should not and cannot be accepted. Mind sets of both is a hard thing to change when its all they've known.  We may have to start over, beginning with the parents............marge

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Judge Roy Moore

I don't know the man  or anything about him except for what I see on the 'news'.  I believe he's the first person of recent years who has been found guilty of a crime but was not charged, arrested or had a trial.  I didn't know our Constitution worked that way.  Isn't there supposed to be an unbiased jury of his peers or a Judge who gets to decide his fate after being charged?  Perhaps I missed that part where the charging and trial  took place.  About unbiased.  There's not an American citizen who hasn't heard of his supposed escapades.  So I'm not sure there can be a 'fair trial'.  Let us start using the laws of our land, not the information we hear on our computer and television.  When did we decide to push aside the Constitution written by our Forefathers?   Our Civil Rights are going to Hell and quickly........................marge

Sunday, November 5, 2017

If we don't know by now...

We wonder why mass killings seemingly all men, continue and increase on a weekly basis.  Of all the mind studying to date, no one has a handle on it.  We teach our young men and now young women to not only operate but how to use assorted weapons.  Is it truly mental illness or sudden unknown anger? for reasons we haven't still don't seem to understand these take over.  Rage really has taken over society.  As an example, road rage.  Are those shooters so incensed they don't care if they go to jail for the rest of their lives, just because another driver does something selfish or stupid?  What stops their automatic reasoning abilities?  They must know they will be caught.  How can they not care about being locked up for many years?  When in custody, they realize their behavior was not reasonable or logical it seems.  To the guns, the biggest and best for them.  These people couldn't do their deed with knives.  Guns are the starting point and yes, let's blame the manufacturers.  Whether it's their fault or not.  A place to start.  Who owns guns and why is it terribly important, especially having them in their autos?  WE have some answers and reasons, but we don't seem to realize their importance...................marge