Monday, January 19, 2015

Right and wrong way to use it

Not all of us have enjoyed 'self confidence'.  It can be plentiful  or sadly rare.  Mine comes with how I use my hands to fix, improve or beautify different things.  That I believe, is where my brains are.  Now give a calculator to me and ask me to add 12 and 14 and I'd be in trouble.  But let's get to the real problem, that of those who perhaps unwittingly flaunt their areas of self confidence.  They seem to be experts just about anytime they open their mouths.  I probably could learn something from them (or not) but it does get boring listening.  Sadly, I believe they have no idea how they sound or even act.  Its just them being them.  I on the other hand (or both) :), can with great self confidence frequently be heard to say "I don't know" with no qualms or feelings of shame.  But when I don't have to say, "I don't know", oh what a high!  It does happen.  I remember just last month..............................marge

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The British are coming the British are coming!

I don't think our allies across the Pond are being insidious but a little doubt has been creeping in.    It started, to my observation, with all our 'infomercials'.  Am I the only one who's noticed the rising number of, shall we say, 'working class' British accents?  Next before I knew it, they'd  captured hosting late night shows.  Now and perhaps, a higher speaking class, is covering World News.  And more than one station!  Are we really prepared for this?  I think they're trying to make us believe that Britishness speaking people are more accurate?  Can that be?  As an aside, I must admit I do put a little more credence in the Canadian broadcasters to whom I listen.  ( I know, they are not British but they run a close second.)  They seem much more serious to me.  Who would doubt, among others, Peter Mansbridge of the Canadian 'National News'?  Not I.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Quiet. Genius at work.

My eldest daughter sent an email to me proudly announcing she figured out how to replace the light in her refrigerator.  The second email said, "now I must remember to turn the flashlight on"............................marge

Monday, December 29, 2014

Men. Gawd love em

When the weather turns cold, women don't stand a chance.  If someone could design female attractive, sexy clothes for this time of year, they'd become multimillionaires.  Let's start with male, female hats.  When a man whips off his hat, rumpled hair and all, he looks sexy.  When a woman whips off her hat, she's just ruined a $50 trip to the beauty shop.  Men's boots.  Ah, so masculine and appealing of course.  Women's winter foot ware. Ma Kettle would be proud or the woman ends up in emergency for twisting her ankle in the lovely high heeled but worthless boots.  To the jackets (coats).  Not all, but many men are admired for the 'hunter' or 'war like' looking outerware.  Warm as they might be, would a woman (not the outdoorsy type) be caught dead wearing these patterns?  If I can't go outside in style, then I'm not going out!  And, I might just be a lot thinner come spring................................marge

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What day is it?

I had to go to the kitchen, look at the caller ID on the wall phone, then turn to the calendar on the kitchen door.  Between retirement and  these close together Holidays, I can't remember whether its Wednesday or Saturday!  Nothing good or any regularly scheduled programs on TV give me a clue its probably a weekend day.  No kids walking by going to school helps too.  Unless I have a Dr.'s appointment, I guess it really doesn't matter but I would like to know.  And why shouldn't I?  Something important might just pop into my mind.   One never knows.  Someone may call and say "Let's go to lunch", at the local eatery.  It then is important as to what day it is.  They close early on weekends.  I so hate driving over there and finding them closed, only because I couldn't remember what day it is!  Oh sigh.......................................marge

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Have we always been 'Mad'?

I don't even know where to begin.  Have we forever lived in a world where people suddenly go crazy and do horrendous things to other people?  Has it always been this way?  If therapist knew why, these killings would have stopped long ago.  Figuring out the killers after they act doesn't seem to help prevent future (at the time) senseless killings.  It's not just one group of people, or gender.  Spouses  kill each other or one of them kills all the children.  Workers go into office buildings and kill their ex bosses and co workers.  Adults kill rooms full of innocent children.  These people even go into malls and kill as many people as they can and then commit suicide.  Their 15 minutes of fame?  I doubt it.  What then?  Do they want  to hurt (among others) surviving family members?  Is this their way of revenge against someone or something that has hurt them deeply?  We can't blame guns or knives.  They aren't the 'trigger'.  Perhaps that's the word 'trigger'.  If we can figure out the 'trigger(s)' then perhaps, we can come up with answers.  Let us hope so and soon..................................marge

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mi Governor Snyder

Please Mr. Governor, don't sign that drug bill regarding welfare recipients and drug use testing.  Just because someone thinks  'maybe, possibly, just to be sure, I have a feeling' a welfare recipient is using drugs, is not, to me, a good enough reason to call for testing.  Do you realize how many legitimate drugs and health conditions can cause a person to act differently, or not 'normal'?  Drug and diabetic  reactions etc. are not uncommon.  they happen all the time.  Who is to correctly say what that recipient is reacting to?  A wrong judgement (guess) could cost someone their life.  You want to be fair?  Then let's have all our elected Legislators tested on a weekly basis.  Sound unreasonable?  I don't think so.  And if some of the Legislatures test positive, what punishment would you use?  Don't give them money (salary)? Would putting them to the same 'test' be unreasonable?  If you think so, prove me wrong.  I'd be willing to bet money (to charity of course) I'd come out the winner..........................marge