Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to shorten the U.S.Presidential race.

Why didn't I think of this before, or is it because I've finally reached the saturation point of boredom?  Brains and reasonable thinking help, but that's not what this long campaign is all about.  Endurance.  That's the answer.  How many of us could for months, fly around the country on a daily basis, get next to no sleep and appear, everyday, to be earnest, happy and alert?  I'd have been long gone months ago.  Perhaps we should just narrow the field of candidates down with a couple simple tests.  I was going to suggest weekly 'stress tests' but at this point, everyone probably would pass.  My only other suggestion would be quick 'mental normalcy' exams.  But alas, even the experts might disagree on those conclusions.  Sorry.  I think we're right back to square one.  Oh wait.  We could all eliminate watching any political opinion and candidate speech shows until next October.  Yes!  That's it!  I don't think we'd miss a thing, really..............................marge

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Again, the wrong assumption by the 'good' people.

So the 'good' people want to boycott Target.  Why? Because decent,  human beings, a little different than you and I, need to use a bathroom?  You are the narrow minded tunneled vision incapable people who cannot accept what is not exactly like you.  How did you EVER get it into your head that Transgenders and or Gays are 'Pedophiles'?  What warped thinking brought you to that conclusion?  Certainly not the 'living' God you profess to follow.  Its people like you that REALLY scare me.  Heaven help you.  You need it......................marge

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Are the cashiers (store keepers) allowed to guess?

What if two heterosexual people,  friends, of the same sex, go on vacation together?  Who, among many of the places at which they stop, gets to make the 'what are you?' decision?  Right now especially in a couple U.S. states, beware of, you don't look 'normal' to me, their 'normal'.  Lets say they guess wrong, can they be sued for their 'wrong' guess?  One would sure as hell hope so.  Religions teaches Love and Acceptance of those not exactly in 'our image', or it should if it doesn't.  You don't have any 'God' given right to quickly judge others, especially those who do no harm and surprise surprise, mostly likely do many good deeds,  maybe many more than we can say about you 'deciders'..............................marge

Friday, April 1, 2016

Pro Choice and Pro abortion

Please don't get 'pro choice' and 'pro abortion' people mixed up.  they are NOT the same.  I could never accept the idea of an 'abortion of convenience', that is not even in my vocabulary.  I am however, pro choice.  That is all I ask, not to take that privilege or right away from those who well could have serious needs.  And that possibility does exist..........................marge

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Forget poisoned water In Flint Michigan.

It seems someone in  the Michigan Legislature is tired, or bored with their current offices.  They're hoping to move to a newer building as I understand.  It will only cost millions of dollars.  Apparently to them, this is more important than stopping the lead poisoning of the citizens of Flint and surrounding areas.  I hope residents of the State of Michigan are aware of this, especially during election time.  Let's wake up and try and figure out why we elected these 'upstanding' citizens in the first place and more importantly, how NOT to reelect them.  Where are you Governor?  But perhaps that's asking too much. PS. Does your 'new' or 'old' place have black mold like the Detroit Public Schools that student and teachers are forced to occupy?....................marge

Monday, March 28, 2016

Enough is enough!

To all you big companies who are still sending out 'Important Tax Documents' the last week of March:  You are LONG past the sending deadline!  So get your acts together and send them in the  appropriate time!.........................marge

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mitch McConnell VS Supreme Court seat to be filled.

The Senator should be ashamed of himself.  He was elected to represent the people of this country.  He is failing to do that.  The majority of US Citizens WANT a hearing NOW.  We have the right and should have the freedom to be able to choose yea or nay for a US Supreme Court Nominee selected by our President.  He is not only denying us but our duly elected President this freedom.  It is NOT about Republican VS Democrat.  It is about living by our Constitution as it was intended.  How does he sleep at night?...............................marge