Thursday, April 17, 2014


Went to McD's yesterday.  Was going to order a small 'senior' coffee.  Changed my mind and ordered a large one.  Nope.  Can't get a large senior coffee.  Senior coffees only come in small.   Are we talking a large profit loss here?  Secondly:  I've been looking for a larger non digital wristwatch so I don't have to use glasses to read it.  Oh they have larger watches.  Unfortunately, they don't make the hands wider.  Skinny hands on a large watch just don't work.  In fact, I could get by with no numbers and just wider hands.  That would work for me.  PS.  A newscaster, regarding the S Korean boat disaster just stated that the weather wasn't cooperating in the search.  I didn't know the weather had a choice.........................marge

Monday, March 31, 2014

Greatly needed

There are two classes that are still not being taught in schools.  1. Taking anything apart and 2. Putting anything back together.  SAFELY!  This is the key word.  Remember it.  As a child, I decided to fix the plug on a frazzled lamp cord.  And yes, they did have electricity back then.  I did notice the two wires in the cord were separated.  I decided to save time and electrical tape so I twisted the wires together and taped them as one, followed by attaching the plug.  Proud of myself, I plugged in the lamp.  I don't think I need to tell you what happened.  Just DON'T try it!  Then there was my sister's non working wrist watch.  Maybe if I took the back off and looked inside, I could see the problem.  Everything looked normal but then, how would I know?  I had never examined the inside of a watch.  Intriguing yes, forthcoming with a possible fix, especially after taking a few pieces out?  No.  I think her watch mysteriously disappeared.  Finally, in my adult years and I use that word loosely, I was asked by a friend to help put her new phone up on the wall.  The brackets were already there.  This was simple.  I could do this.  I held the phone over the brackets and pulled the phone down.  Everything was fine except I didn't move the phone wires out of the way.  They were nicely sliced in half.  Bless the phone company.  They let us take it back and get another one, for free.  (This is when they had old fashioned phone stores).  Can you believe, she wouldn't let me put this one on the wall?  I'm pretty sure I could have done it right this time..................marge

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trading Moms, correction. Trading OF Moms.

One of my daughters has been convinced by her welding buddies (among others) that I might be trading material.  Not that their Mothers are so bad.  The idea however, of a silly, weird, eccentric, not always on the right train track Mom just might be more fun than having ordinary, run of the mill loving Mothers such as theirs.  Flattering as this might be, I'm here to warn them.  Be careful for what you wish.  The grass is not always greener on the other side of the septic field.........................marge

Friday, March 28, 2014

Will Rogers

I understand now what Will Rogers meant when he said "I never met a man I didn't like".  How can you dislike someone about whom you know nothing?  And after you know them for awhile?  Well, That's a different story.  I had fun out in the world today.  A dapper, distinguished gentleman held the door oh so politely for me as I entered the local post office. Once inside I lined up at the glass topped counter with pretty post office stuff encased inside.  I was admiring the new glass and also noticing it already had scratches from people dragging their packages along the top.  I then proceeded to chastise the young gentleman for putting his fingers prints all over the glass.  He, I must say, took it in stride.  I told him its fun picking on people who don't know me ( bravery in anonymity).  Next thing I knew I gave him my 'blog' title and name!  On rare occasions I can be, for a split second, clever.  I never said smart.  I never claimed that although I should have as they wouldn't have had time to realize the truth.  I also turned to the nice young woman behind me and gave her one of my new 'blog' cards.  What good is blogging if no one reads my blogs?  My reputation of  'the griper' precedes me but I do try to hide it, at least in the beginning.  Which brings me to after I left the Birmingham Post Office, turning south onto Adams Rd. and proceeded to watch three cars block the Adams Fire Station exit.  "Off with their heads!" I say.................................marge

Sunday, March 23, 2014

And I haven't even started yet!

I'm sitting in on a creative writing class at our local library.  The latest assignment:  Write about physical gestures of local T.V. newscasters.  I chose the morning 'gang' (there's more of them at one shot) but that predestined me to basically immediate failure.  I (to be truthful) dislike (actually hate) mornings and equally important, cheerful, smiley, happy morning newscasters (or anyone else for that matter).  At best, my limit to watching them is three minutes.  There is no beyond that.  I can't get beyond that.  My email is 'nightowlmaggie' for a reason.  My friends, the few I have, at least in the mornings, know never to call before 10 a.m.  Just in case, I do mellow as the day wears on.  After dark, I'm quite congenial.  Yes I am.  Don't argue with me..........................marge

Thursday, March 20, 2014

No blizzard, just biannual virus

It happens when I least expect it.  The virus has struck.  It puts me in some kind of delirium, fortunately for only a few hours.  I put the mini vacuum back in the closet clearing floor space in my mini kitchen, moved the radio, bought months ago and still in its box from under the china cabinet and mopped two floors.  You were to be invited to come and take pictures as I still haven't figured out my 'phone camera' yet. Dusting all the wooden floors was next but thank the Lord, my fever broke.  So, if you would, please hold off on the picture taking.  As for the miniscule dust balls on the bathroom walls, let's not even go there.......................marge

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Blizzard. again

Oh dear.  Not again.  I am, still prepared.  No tumble weeds when the furnace goes on.  In preparation, I dusted the main table in the living room.  This is not because I've turned over a new leaf, its because that's the first thing a visitor would notice, a sign of a good/bad housekeeper.  I'm pleased to say I have done some belated reading as I previously promised.  Book 1.  'How to play Texas Holdem on line'.  Book 2. and I admit, I'm only about 1/5 the way through, 'The Body Language of Liars'.  So be careful and don't try to fool me.  I confess though, I'm only up to the 'toddler' level.......................marge