Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Betsy DeVos. No no no!

Public Education for our children is the most important accomplishment we can give to them.  So many depend on it so lets not punish children whose parents have less income.  Let's make public education the best there is.  They all deserve it and there's no reason we can't accomplish that.  Betsy DeVos does not seem to have any comprehension as to its importance.  She is most definitely NOT the best choice for Education Secretary of the U.S.  All children deserve a fair and equal chance at education.  They are our future.  Let's see that they get what they deserve.................................marge

Trump loves the battle

Donald's father must have taught him 'never stop fighting'.  Oh I don't think Donald's father did it out of love, it was his way of telling his son, 'If you want my love and approval, you must do this'.  It's all about control, to both of them, the most important thing in life.  So win he did, but not by honest desire and effort.  Trump used any and all underhanded means that he knew.  He did it so blatantly, his supporters believed it all.  Couldn't possibly be lying, not that outspoken billionaire.  So win he did.  Now he's in a quandary.  How do I get out of this, without looking like the selfish, bigoted, intolerant man I am?  And please, don't think Pence will save us.  We're in serious trouble folks..............................marge

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fundamentalist Republican baby clinic

The extremely, fundamentalist, conservative Republicans are going to start a brand new Clinic for untimely or unwanted pregnancies.  They of course, will be the first ones to sign up for one of these babies.  I would expect nothing less.  Right?  If one of these moms to be can't afford to be a parent at this time, the Republicans will be right there ready and willing to step up to the plate.  What do you mean, "You don't think so".  With all the anti birth control 'good Christians' fighting to close these health clinics, I would expect no less.  There.  Problem solved.  That wasn't too hard was it?...............................marge

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jail the impregnator too?

The Republican gentlemen want a pro choice woman to go to jail if she gets an abortion.  Apparently the impregnator has no responsibility whatsoever.  Is that how you holier than thou men think?  Just recently a rapist got to share custody of the child after he raped and impregnated the girl.  What next?  A rapist getting eliminated from prosecution because he 'couldn't help it'?  Have you lost your minds?  Or is your thinking hundreds of years old?  Grow up.  Take responsibility for your actions.  There just are no excuses.  Punish the woman, not the man?  Wow.  You guys are a piece of cake.   And yes.  I am pro choice.  That does not make me pro abortion...............................marge.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I just figured it out!

Donald Trump loves being hated, not disliked, but really hated.  Lets wake ourselves up.  He's been 'playing' us for months.  The more we all 'bad mouth' him, the stronger he gets.  Why didn't I think of this sooner.  Its so simple.  Kindness.  We'll kill him with kindness.  He will become extremely confused, turn violently red faced and implode!  And we can watch it happen.  Starting now, everybody write something wonderful about Trump and put it where millions can see.  This is exhilarating!  Really!  Now stop reading this and go write something wonderful about the man, even if it takes you all night to think of just one thing.  Go!............................marge

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Television skin commercials

TV commercials are extremely educational but not for the reasons you think.  Camera and lighting are the name of the game.  You know the  double  identical lady where one is skinny and one is plumb?  I don't for a minute think those are two pictures of the lady taken at a different times.  I've seen this happen too many times to know its camera trickery.  My other favorites are different ladies who get the 'magical' youth creme applied to half their face.  After the applications, do you notice the ever so gradual change in lighting?  As the untreated side gets darker, the wrinkles appear just that, more wrinkled.  Then switch to the lighter side of the face.  The 'treated' side.  My my.  What an improvement.  Just a little more light lessens the appearance of the aging wrinkles.  Commercials (some are funny) but more often that not, they're extremely educational.  Pay attention.  Don't waste you money...................................marge

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I blame both

I don't know who deserves more blame for the horrible behavior of many shoppers at the Malls.  It would seem the stores encourage this mob behavior.  Is it the only day it can make enough money for the whole year?  I don't think so.  Now to you idiot shoppers who turn violent.  Is this the only day out of the whole year you think you can get a wonderful bargain?  Think again.  Thanks to the business owners and customers, the mall employees are punished and threatened for purely selfish reasons.  Stop letting mall owners think that this is the ONLY day you will get the bargain of the century.  It isn't!  Honest!!..........................marge