Sunday, November 29, 2015

New auto designers. Listen up.

The world is getting more Senior drivers everyday.  You keep designing for 25 year olds +.  I, as a Senior, understand the changes in driving habits of older people.  That doesn't make us 'bad' drivers.  It means YOU must design accordingly.  Those big screens with a wealth of information is as bad as texting and driving.  Both are deadly.  I'll repeat a few suggestions.  Level the car making it easier to see out the rear window.  Do you know how hard it is to see a tailgating 'mini' car with your current designs?  I know it's probably impossible to make the headrests transparent but it would be great if you could.  The current headrests really do block vision.  I don't need all the automaticity that's here.  If I want a warmer seat, I'll put on long johns before I get into the car that I'll have to warm up for a couple minutes and that's ok.  Really.  I'm driving my Chevy Tracker that was bought in July of 2000.  It has a little over 90 thousand miles on it.  Aside from the rust on the rocker panels, it's in great shape.  Onward and upward, please........................................marge

Friday, November 27, 2015

I hope I don't have to go out today.

I can't understand how big chain stores can afford to be so generous on this 'Black Friday' weekend.  Is this just another 'marketing gimmick'?  Is it out of the kindness of their hearts or are they making such huge profits the rest of the time they can afford to sell cheaper a couple days out of the year?  There are lines and lines of people out to buy 'large ticket' items extending almost around the buildings.  What about those truly in need?  All the charity requests tell us they are out there, except on Thanksgiving weekend.  I just don't get it..................................marge

Monday, November 16, 2015

I cannot come up with an answer.

I have a question for which I have no answer.  Maybe a reader who thinks outside the box can.  Is there any way a deaf child (younger or older) can participate in a spelling bee?......................marge

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spring cleaning

I confess. I came from a well to do family.  Once we had four dishwashers.  Not too many for a family of six.  Unfortunately, one by one, they moved away.  I'm now considering thoughts of spring cleaning.  Not for 2016 mind you, 20 15.  I decided several (actually more) years ago I was allergic to dust, not just on table tops but also floors.  This leaves me in a conundrum.  I hate to part with money unless its for something fun.  Paying to get dust removed isn't fun.  If I felt better afterward, I might consider it but past experience tells me any mood elevation is short lived.  The dust keeps returning.  What to do, what to do.....................................marge

Monday, November 9, 2015

A dead child. Again

Is any one person or thing to blame?  People do keep guns in their house, perhaps more now than ever before.  Parents, good ones, assume their children will listen to them and follow the rules of not touching or experimenting  with them.  But then, we parents also forget. Our children sometimes also momentarily throw the rules aside.  Their curiosity is much stronger than their reasoning or ability to handle any weapon.   We  know that but as time passes, we grow older and we forget about our own childhood misadventures.  A local weather caster blinded himself in one eye by a moment of not thinking when lighting fireworks.  So accidents can and do happen at any age.  As adults though, we must remember, for our and our children's sake.  Parents, not only put the guns away, but lock them up and keep the key with you.  Let the burglars come.  We may get robbed or hurt but maybe, just maybe, a child won't be dead, yet again.  One is one too many and we've had more than our share in SE Michigan...................................marge

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stink? What's your definition?

Recently, in another town, an older, homeless man was removed From a McDonald's by the police.  I am unable to find out which of three departments it was.  The address is 200 Beck Rd. at Pontiac Trail.  I, rightly or wrongly assume it was at the request of the manager.  That would certainly save face for the manager wouldn't it?  I've heard it was because the man didn't have on the cleanest clothes or smell that nice.  Perhaps either or both?  He bought and ate lunch with other noon regulars.  Have you ever been in any store where the men smell like several bottles of cologne accidentally spilled on them?  I have.  Too many times.  They take your breath away and not in a nice way.  Need I say which I prefer would be removed by the police, the slightly  'unclean' one or the ones leaving me gasping for fresh air?  The gentleman sat under the nearby Kroger overhang as it was raining.  I was told he was crying. It is another day and he is still there.  I have called the Novi and Walled Lake police and the Oakland County Sheriffs Dept. None were able to help me.  What a wonderful, kind world we live in..................................marge

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors

How do these companies promising beauty galore get away with it?  I'm not a camera genius but come on people.  Get real.  Can you not see the ever so slight camera angle change?  Move in a little, back off some with the camera.  And of course, the lighting.  The darker the image, the uglier the face (and neck) appear.  Increasing the lighting in itself removes many 'wrinkles'.  The  best perhaps is the pulling in of the chin.  That really gives one a 'turkey neck'.  Alternately, gently jutting the chin out, raising the head slightly, with  more lighting cures many visible ills.  Ah perfect.  Now go buy that 'wonderful', probably expensive product...................................marge