Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump.

I truly hate to be the one to directly point this out to you, but someone has to.  Physically you've grown up to be a 'man' vs boy.  That however is as far as the powers that be, would let it go.  Someone, we don't know who, or for that matter why, stopped your maturing process in perhaps the seven to eight age group.  Forgive me preteens, no offense to you, I just picked an arbitrary younger age.  I can see how increasingly frustrated you have  become, almost on a day to day basis.  I don't think that's how you planned your life to go, but then none of us do.  I must say though, I do admire your stamina, weather rational or not.  Sometimes we even have no control over that.  Anyway.  I wish you only the best and may it happen sooner rather than later.  We're getting a little desperate out here (no offense meant)...............marge

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump and Republican Senators.

I believe Trump is an up and working Russian futuristic Robot.  But then Americans soon will not be using Science, per Trump, so as expected, we will be sadly on our way to lagging rapidly behind in that area.  But as bad as that is, it's not the worst.  We, not too slowly, are seeing the Republican Senators being encapsulated into the same covert program as Trump.  To say you can't see it, would be less than truthful.  The phenomenon of what is happening desperately needs stopping.  Next, no question, they'll be going after member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  This whole scenario is so unbelievable that people don't!  This is not a nightmare we will be waking up from.  It is real!  At the rate we are going, soon we will be unrecognizable as the Proud Country we recently were.  If I knew how, I would send a copy of this to all the elected and appointed officials In D.C. and all the Governors of every state.  Can we be saved?..............................marge

Monday, May 22, 2017

Back to square one

I may have to give up......................marge

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trump loves being alone.

All the people who surround him are there because that's how the Presidency work.  That is NOT how Trump works.  His final legacy to the world I'm not quite sure yet and I may never may be.  He has made it clear, He works alone.  Needs no one nor wants their opinions.  He is so domineering no one dare challenge him and that includes his wives and children.  Maybe the youngest one can be saved.  He seems to have his own drummer.  Trump is willing to give his life to be the conquering head of the whole world.  The rest of any of us be damned.  He will turn into a shriveled man, with a solid gold crown and throne,  all by himself with his smug pompous grin permanently in place.  amen...............................marge

A daughter's wisdom or not

It has been politely pointed out to me that the items I use to keep the squirrels  away from the bird feeders (2) perhaps isn't socially acceptable.  I live in a nice town with good people.  I tried the 'slinky' awhile back and must not have done it right.  I now have 70 year old tire painting protectors.  I put them up so they're sort of make a 'maze'.  Takes a lot to fool a squirrel.  I just recently concocted clear cookie boxes that by cutting in the right places, can be snapped shut on the pole.  My apologies to those I may have offended and I appreciate those who understand my goal.  I'm always looking for something more attractive and definitely more effective!.....................marge

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The President's Cabinet

Is Trump such a  diabolical genius that he can fool thousands and keep getting away with it?  Although the cabinet members are all hand picked (he's no dummy) can not even one of them have even the smallest clue of the hole they've dug themselves into?  Do they really think someone is going to save them when Trump and Pence are taken down?  I don't think there's a legitimate company out there that would touch any of them with a ten foot pole,  make that a 100 foot pole.  They have ruined their integrity and any chance of finding any 'good' company to hire them. And you know what?  They will deserve everything they get, or more specifically, what they don't get.  they made their beds...................marge

Saturday, May 13, 2017

By Jove. I think I've got it!

I know.  It's only been a half hour, but maybe TODAY I succeeded!  I caught that little devil jumping from the bird bath to the pole and bird seeds!  I moved the bird bath five feet farther away.  It is heavy!  May this be my next to last notation.................marge