Sunday, August 2, 2015

I just don't understand

Nothing makes sense.  Did it ever?  Wanton killings on both sides of the law?  Young people turning into totally selfish, me first, that's all that matters excuses for human beings?  Does it have to do with their upbringings?   Are we producing  narcissistic, sociopaths of all ages because of the environment?  Yes.  Its not just youth.  With all the psychologist, psychiatrist and educated counselors can't we come up with answers?  The world is becoming a most depressing place.  Sadness reigns.  Is somewhere out there hope?  Please.  Let there be......................marge

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Who are the Detroit Tigers?

I'm trying my best to put names to all the Tiger players but its not being made easy.  The only three I can definitely name are Miguel Cabrera, Albuquerque and Avila.  The last two by 1. The ramrod posture and 2.  The long weekend growth of beard from someone who has been up north in the woods with no modern facilities.  Oh yes.  One more, Price.  He greatly resembles a regular mailman named 'Tod' in Birmingham, Mi.  It boils down to camera angles and where their names are on their uniforms.  They are not on their chest or arm sleeves where the camera would pick them up.  No.  They're on their backs which hardly get a decent view.  The only other player I can readily name is Jerry Priddy.  The way he held the bat high in the air, was unmistakable.  Couldn't miss him.  For those of you who had to look him up, I'm sure I noticed him when I was an infant sitting on my father's lap...............................marge

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deceptive? I sure think so.

I love watching and analyzing television and internet picture commercials.  They are done so cleverly.  Most recent is the two attractive women talking about teeth whitening products.  They are similar in looks and both nice but...take a closer look at the hair of the one on the left (sinestra lol).  Her hair is a bit straggly and stringy look.  Not so much as to make a big difference but just enough to make her a wee bit less attractive, never mind the teeth at this point.  She is of course the one that didn't use the 'right' product.  Then we go to assorted 'still' pictures.   They are the ones that advertise 'creams' or procedures to melt away the years.  On the 'not so good' side we have less lighting, head slightly downward and ever so less of a smile.  All things to indicate we need help.  Now switch to 'chin up', more light (less wrinkles showing) and an ever so slight upward turn of the corners of the mouth.  I don't think this is by accident, just excellent camera work.  My my...................................marge

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Its all about 'teeth'

Aside from one likable co-host on tv, have you ever seen anyone with 'unstraight' or less than perfectly lined up white teeth?  This includes contestants, pro golfers, baseball players and probably many more.  This can't be a coincidence or fluke.  We, who have less than perfect 'pearlies' have somehow been weeded out.  Mine may not be so straight or white, but I do have a great personality and would be a 'charmer' in front of the camera.  I would.  Really.  At least one of my kids would vouch for me.  Do let me call one first though..............................marge

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hitting the target well, or not.

Being able to hit a target with proficiency at a shooting range, does not make you a good gun owner.  I think far from it.  Children could do it, perhaps better than many adults.  Does that mean these juvenile sharp shooters should have a gun carrying permit?  Not on your life, or mine.  People don't seem to understand the mental training and conditioning that should go hand in hand with gun ownership, not just how good you are at pulling a trigger.  Its not a class that should be taken once in which you pass with flying colors.  These should be ongoing classes over a great period of time with occasional required refresher courses.  Thank heavens surgeons and electricians don't stop trying to improve after one job done to perfection.  We'd be in a lot of trouble.  Real experts do and redo to improve their skills, physical and mental.  So should gun owners..........................  marge

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I just heard that having someone in the home who speaks another language is great for our children.  At least one of my children speaks another language.  Now I feel better.  I've done something right and I didn't even realize I was doing it.  I confess though, sometimes it was difficult to know when I was speaking English or Canadian but it worked!  Eh?..................................marge

Sunday, June 28, 2015

History, here now

To watch the fantastic evolution of the people of this great country in a matter of hours and days, is breathtaking.  World changing history happening before our eyes in the seconds of time and to be here for it is beautiful and almost beyond comprehension.  I feel so honored and privileged.................................marge