Friday, May 29, 2015

Beautiful, attractive and more.

Many don't realize the burden of ageless beauty, attractiveness, sensuality and irresistibility.  I'm sure many 'stars' 'celebrities' past and present come to mind.  The attention, fawning and gifts that come one's way are endless, not to mention who, really, are genuine friends?  Think  twice before you wish these upon anyone.  It is a lonely, sad burden to have to carry for so many years.  Oh damn.  My alarm clock just went off.  No no.  Do I have to look in the mirror while I brush my teeth?  I'll start with one eye.  Back to me.  I'm the one with the 'wonderful' personality........................marge

Friday, May 22, 2015

well why not..

I've decided to 'redo' my life.  This doesn't of course include the offspring.  Leave well enough alone.  I'm removing any and all 'mistakes' I've unintentionally made over the past half century.  I'm thinking it won't be an 'overnight' endeavor but I'll do my best.  Where to start may be a problem and that  has to do with memory.  I've just had too much to remember.  Not all of it to my liking.  I must say however, when memory fails, there are always 'friends' who will keep me informed whether I want them to or not.  Oh my goodness, therein lies the solution!  Starting today, I'm going out and getting all new friends.  I'll keep some of the 'good' ones of course and there are a few.  As for the rest, adios amigos.  Good morning new world!...........................marge

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fake colors

I just watched a breakfast commercial.  All three ladies had different color hair.  I don't mind brunette.  I don't mind blonde.  Natural white I love.  I do mind the oh so unnatural reds, dark rusts and pale pinkish sorta orange colors.  Ladies, you're starting to look too much alike!  I'll bet some of you wouldn't recognize your natural color if so confronted!  I love my 'silvery gray' natural color.  I confess.  I did have to get it artificially waved.  You with natural waves wouldn't understand.  Just pretend for a moment that your hair looked like a whisk broom.  That dear friends, would be me, but alas, on the thinning side, waves however, hide many sins.....................marge

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Perfect pre-Mother's Day day

(I'm saving the best for last).  One of my children (of which three out of Four are speaking to me) came over and spent the day with  me.  We had a grand time.  She wore the 'Mom loves me best' T shirt I had given to her after she searched frantically through her drawers to find it.  We wandered the flea market (It really is fun!) and I had a nice Asian lunch with enough for another meal.  The best part though, is when an acquaintance of my daughter asked if we were sisters.  The shock on my daughter's face made the lady quickly correct to 'Is this your mother?'  Yes.  There is payback.  :-).................................marge

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rioting by young people in Baltimore.

Whatever one wants to call the behavior of the black youth in Baltimore, it is not, in any way acceptable.  Why should it be excusable?  Their behavior is beyond any excuse anyone can conjure up.  Throwing bricks at people, smashing and burning cars, breaking into stores like CVS, and worst of all, doing it under the guise of anti-racism.  If you want to be listened to, try talking, not behaving like rabid animals. And that is exactly how you are behaving.  You are not for justice and equality, you apparently just want much needed attention at any cost including or especially being seen all over the world on camera. Never mind you look like running, cowardly idiots.  Does it make you feel like a really BIG person?  Think again.  You were never so wrong.  If you weren't so viciously hurting and damaging other people and things, I could almost, I said, almost, feeling sorry for you.  Right now I hold you in the highest contempt and you have earned it.....................marge

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What are you doing God?

As I poured my first cup of coffee this morning while gazing out my kitchen window, my heart dropped.  Snow.  I blinked, just to make sure.  Yep, not a lot but real snow.  This is just wrong.  Has God turned into a prankster?  It's Spring and it's not funny God!  Yesterday I was admiring the so tall they were even falling over daffodils at my side door. And, if I'd raked last fall's large leaves out of my yard, I'd see the tiny blue flowers fighting their way up to see the sun's rays.  I enjoy a good joke now and then but this is ridiculous.  I won't even mention the leafless, blossoming Magnolia bush.  You have some explaining to do God, I'm waiting..........................marge

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz running for President

I don't know this man well but the little I do, scares me.  He believes in the Constitution of the United States and individual rights.  No no.  That is not what he stands for.  His ideas of individual freedoms are not the same as mine.  His are right.  Mine are wrong.  He doesn't believe in live and let live.  He doesn't believe in letting each of us, as long as we cause no harm to anyone else, be.  It's his way or the highway.  Gay couples, gay parents do me no harm.  Their love of each other and any children they may have, is a good thing.  I honestly don't know too many, but the  ones I do, seem extra special and nice, to me.  I can't say that about all the 'straight' people I know.  I see in this man narrow mindedness, inflexible thinking and absolutely no room for anything else.  He actually really does scare me.  He won't give freedoms, he'll be taking them away from each and every one of us.  If I do no harm to anyone else, then let me and others who think like, or not like I, be.  Don't put your rules on the rest of your fellow man.  Freedom is choice.  That's what our Constitution says.  So be it..................................marge