Thursday, August 25, 2016

Great Lakes oil disaster!

I sadly can't give you the needed information but please know this is deadly serious.  If Enbridge is allowed to continue to keep oil pipes in our Great Lakes, then there is  pending disaster!  A leak or break, will do irreparable harm.  They must hear from you by August 28, 2016.  All letters or emails sent are required to be read.  If you reach this, and see 'sight name', type in Enbridge.  Time is short!..........marge

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brains don't count

I just figured it out.  If Trump gets the votes of the brainy, highly intelligent people, its not because they're brainy and highly intelligent,  Its because they totally lack COMMON SENSE!  Yes.  Common sense.  The common sensers will save our country from those 'brainers'. Hang in there 'common sense' people and be sure to get out and vote! You're our saviors in disguise! Onward and upward common sensers!...........................marge

Destroying good kids

At a recent softball game in Decatur Illinois for grade school children, a 'dad' really blew it.  Apparently its his job to continually degrade and embarrass his young son.  He yelled to the child on the field, "catch it like a man!" and "I don't know why I waste my time coming here!"  I hope the mother, or someone,  wakes up and saves this child from an uncertain future as an adult.  What a shame.  What a shame. I hope a real adult steps in and saves this young man.................marge

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump's latest promotion.

Trump's most recent promotion of a staff member is for one reason.  Kellyanne Conway has changed 'art' into a 'science' when it comes to monopolizing the floor and not allowing 'disagree-ers' the opportunity to challenge what she is saying.  Even the moderator seems incapable of  interrupting her.  she is 'good', or 'bad', depending on how you look at it, at keeping total control of the said floor.  Sometimes it's alright to interrupt an intentionally long winded speaker in the name of fairness..................marge

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Olympics. Lost its 'honor' this week. 2016

An honor to participate.  Dishonorable to use less than expected means to win.  That young lady won a 'dry' diving finish, but she didn't didn't win the 'running race' and it was a running race.  The other, 'real' runner, should receive a gold medal, not the 'diver'..................marge PS.  And now, a short while later. several male Olympians tried to cover  up their shameful behavior by lying to the Rio police and the world's news people.  I have always blindly believed that being an Olympian participate was an honor few ever knew.  The 'honor' now, seems to be disappearing...........................marge

So you want to be a Police Officer.

The way things are going, no young person with any sense would want to become a police officer.  But these young people are driven by their good hearts.  Police cars  and business (not to mention lives) are destroyed and why?  Because a person with a gun, pointing it at an officer wouldn't put it down after being told to do so.  This gives the officer every right to take the next step or lose his life.  These people who are threats to society, are now looked upon as the 'victims'.  What is SO wrong with this picture?....................marge

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Double edged sword

I'm sure Marijuana does some good for some people but that must be weighed against the harm it can cause.  To calm and ease the pain of an individual is good.  On the other hand, What happens when you take it away from someone who uses it to calm themselves and soften their anger?  It seems everyone may be between an rock and a hard place with this dilemma.  Maybe we should let Drs. decide who gets it and for what purpose, not a storekeeper.  And we haven't even addressed those who indulge and then get behind the wheel of a car or something equally dangerous.............marge